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Kilo - "I wish to communicate with you."
A maritime signal flag... About nothing in particular, but nobody else will listen to me.
If the weather holds out this weekend and if I can drag myself out of bed on saturday I may be able to sand and paint the boat by monday. I'll probably document the process because I like to think somebody might find it useful. The weather has been much too wet to really do any of that kind of work so far. Not that I'm complaining, I'd much prefer a wet summer over the hellish summer we had last summer. I think either case is possible though this year, but I digress. I had ordered a new trailer today and will get here in a few weeks after it's built, galvanized to prevent rust and shipped. I decided getting a new one was better than used for a multitude of reasons, but most importantly, this one is very adjustable since I'll need to transplant the mast crutch and other pieces from the old one. I'm very certain I will be sailing in June if I can recruit enough hands for the first few times until I can sail alone. The hull still has hideous yellow splotches from the resin that didn't cure right last year, but in the words of Horatio Hornblower "I'd rather have an ugly looking ship afloat than a good looking one on the rocks." I just don't have the resources to fix it right away, but I will do something about it before Cape May. The other major thing I need to replace is the center board lines. Long story short, I managed to inspect them, but can't get at them to change them. But I was telling someone that if I lose control of the centerboard, jury rigging was originally a nautical term and I could use the oars as lee boards like the vikings or the irish curragh, or cut a notch in the after part of the board and run a line from the bow to keep it in place.
I rescued a pocket sized turtle today. It was a tiny baby red bellied one that some how managed to come inside the school. A teacher found it but didn't want to touch it, so I took it down into the swamp nearby. Of course, when you have cupped hands everyone wants to see what it is. I felt bad for the boy who wanted to take it home, but I have a very strict no captivity policy, and it wouldn't have survived anyway. The turtle was anxious to get back to the water I think, being quite languid and dry looking in my hands, but when (s)he heard, smelled or saw the water I had to catch it from jumping. But I let the poor creature go and explained to the boy (and his mom for giving him the idea) that it wouldn't live very long as a pet. So another crises averted!
How have you been?


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